• Jana Bheri call given by Amaravati Parirakshana Samiti (APS)
  • Its as a mark of one year agitation for Amaravati as capital
  • Traffic restrictions and house arrests of leaders by police create tensions

Amaravati: Call given by Amaravati Parirakshana Samiti(APS) in the name of Jana Bheri with a demand to continue Amaravati as permanent capital turned tense today. Leaders of the opposition parties who are on the way to participate in public meeting were stopped at their places in the name of house arrest by police. TDP, Left and the Congress leaders were in the list who were denied permission to move towards Jana Bheri.

Rayapudi village in Amaravati is filled with farmers and opposition parties’ cadre demanding to retain ‘Amaravati’ as sole capital. Meeting was presided over by TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu and AP State Congress President Sailajanath. Those who were placed under house arrest include Nimmakayala Chinnarajappa, Nakka Anand babu, Kuna Ravi kumar, N.Ramakrishna Reddy and Bandaru Satyanarayana. Permission for meeting was granted but police showed over enthusiasm with traffic restrictions which made protesters and agitators frustrated. Agitators warned government that serious action will be seen in coming days if government tries to control with iron hand.

The agitation completed one year on Thursday (17th) which was started after YCP government took a decision of decentralisation with three capitals. Bill is still pending even after assembly passed it and the agitation looks to be never ending retaliation.AP leaders said that people of State are demanding the continuation of the capital Amaravati and APS has been agitating for 365 days.


Courtesy : https://www.primepost.in/jana-bheri-call-given-by-amaravati-parirakshana-samiti/

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