• PM Modi confirms after high level meet
  • States and UTs are ready for roll out
  • 3 dry runs completed successfully before start of vaccination

New Delhi: According to the Union government of India, the COVID vaccination drive will run from 16th January nationwide. The first vaccination will be for 30 crore population out of which three crore are frontline runners and 27 crore include people above 50 yrs of age and co-morbidities.

Modi reviews

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed the status of Covid 19 situation before announcing the roll out date. The meeting which was held in the presence of Cabinet secretary, Health secretary, Principal Secretary to PM reviewed the preparedness of States and Union Territories for vaccination. CO-Win is the unique digital platform developed by centre which provides the information of vaccine stocks, their storage temperature and individuals who are beneficiary for vaccine. This platform will also provide generating digital certificate after successful completion of vaccine schedule which is called as Co-Win Vaccine Delivery Management System.

Emergency usage

In India, government gave nod for emergency usage of Covaxin and Covashield developed by Bharat Bio- tech and SII. The identification by the Indian government into categories for the first phase of vaccine includes health care professionals, citizens above 50 years of age, patients who require special care and front line workers. This total population will be around 30 crores as per initial estimates. Indian government wants to use Universal Immunisation programme (UIP) parallel to this vaccination one.

How Central govt’s digital platform works

This will identify and track the beneficiaries through SMS and QR codes. The beneficiaries should link their Aadhaar cards with the QR code to prevent duplication. Electronic vaccine Intelligence Network (EVIN), existing digital platform for Universal Immunisation Programme will be taken into consideration during the COVID vaccination programme to intimate time, place and date to the vaccine recipients to avoid rush at the centre during shots. If there is no Aadhaar card for the recipient, he or she can bring any identity card issued by government.


Courtesy : https://www.primepost.in/covid-vaccination-drive-in-india-from-jan-16/

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