• Kidnapped former hockey player and relatives on Tuesday night
  • Land settlement of 50 acres in Hafeezpet is the reason
  • Akhilapriya’s husband Bhargav on the run

Hyderabad: In a dramatic turnaround of kidnap case that took place on Tuesday night, police arrested Bhuma Akhilapriya, TDP leader, in Kukatpally here. Her husband Bhargav and his brother were on flee with search operations going on for them. As per sources now, the kidnap is related to land issue settlement of 50 acres at Hafeezpet worth of hundreds of crore.

Last night in late hours, former hockey player Praveen Rao and his relatives were kidnapped from their residency at Bowyenapally. Persons who came in three vehicles introduced themselves as IT officials and collected various documents, hard disks from the house. While leaving the house, they forcefully took away Praveen and his relatives and bundled them in cars as per family sources. After family members got suspicious about  IT officials, they enquired through their contacts and came to know that they were false. They approached Boweyanapally police and filed a case late night of Tuesday.

Police immediately swung into action and arrested 8 persons connected with the incident. Police chased and arrested them at Ramgopalpet who said that Akhilapriya’s husband Bhargav was the main person in the kidnap case.


Courtesy : https://www.primepost.in/bhuma-akhilapriya-arrested-in-hyd-kidnap-case/

(This Article has been reposted with permission from Primepost)