• Do you put same questions to UK scientists?
  • Why target Indian scientists?
  • How can you call us inexperienced?

Hyderabad: Bharat Bio tech CMD Ella Krishna has taken objection to criticism against their vaccine and on emergency approval for Covid 19. ”Approvals have been granted on the basis of conditions set up by CDSCO guidelines issued in 2019. I don’t know why Indian companies are targeted by everyone in the world, it is not acceptable to us,” he said.

Criticism against Covaxin is purely because it was an Indian vaccine and it is hurting a lot. India is an innovative country and not a copycat country. We work systematically and yet we are facing bash from news media. Why nobody is questioning UK trials? Because Indian trails are easy to be bashed, Ella said.

Why they are given license that has shown UK data and no Indian data, Ella said indirectly hinting at SII. Covaxin is being tested in 11 countries excluding India. We have done trails in Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, UK and other countries. We are truly a global company, Ella sadi addressing Press Conference.

We have tremendous experience in vaccines touching 123 countries. Bharat Biotech is the only company which got extensive experience and publications in review journals, Ella said. We are the only one who has BSL-3 production which I can say proudly which even US does not have. Bharat Bio tech is ready to help any emergency related to public health anytime, anywhere in the world, said Ella Krishna.


Courtesy : https://www.primepost.in/bharat-biotech-cmd-ella-krishna-flays-politicians/

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