• Is it foundation for Hindu Rashtra?
  • Is it continuation of Swamy Vidyaranya’s dream?

A historic moment is registered within the pages of history on 10th Dec 2020, once Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed ‘bhoomi poojan’ for the new Parliament building. History forever remembers those that ventured for giant projects  amidst the crisis.

The need of new Parliament building, Central Vista:

The Parliament building being constructed  will not be simply an additional workplace but a temple of democracy. Bharat will rejoice 75 years of her independence in 2022, which is a historic milestone for one of the vibrant democracies in the world. To notice this occasion, Peoples’ Parliament building  is being constructed by 1.4 billion Indians for the first time in our history.

It’s seen that throughout the world, no nation treats its Parliament as simply one more building. Instead, it’s revered as an emblem of nationwide delight that brings needed changes in tune with the course of history. Bharat, which is the largest democracy in the world, is placed rightly in that direction. This project, in reality, aims to carry the essential administrative workplaces of Indian democracy collectively and shape them into an organized and interlinked form.

The present Parliament building, built in 1927, has inadequate infrastructure to meet current demand.  Consequently, the need arose for a new building. Central government offices are spread over different site, which affects inter-ministerial coordination and unnecessary travel leading to traffic  jams and pollution. In addition, most of the existing buildings have exceeded their life which is usually 75 years.

Further,  the development of the common central secretariat will create modern work areas with the latest technology for better productivity and efficient use of human resources. Apart from this, the government at present is spending almost Rs. 1 billion a year on rent for its offices spread throughout  Delhi. With the redevelopment, the government aims to provide more office space in its surroundings saving Rs. 1000 cr. annually for government.

Providing security and protection to the government workplace will also be easy in an organized location that the  new model is intended to achieve. The building will meet the highest standards of structural safety, including adherence to Seismic Zone-5 requirements and is designed to facilitate maintenance and operations. 

Why now amidst Pandemic?

A nation cannot be placed in a state of constant lockdown, that may end-up ruining livelihoods, and a partial calculated relaxation that paves the way for economic activities is needed.  If not it would end up with more damage as the construction project could provide employment for many.

Now,  think about what happens when a development project is put on hold to avoid “waste of money”.  It is the construction workers, the suppliers of raw materials, those who manage the machines and others who are deprived of opportunities.  This is the exact segment that everyone, was supposed to represent in demanding livelihoods amid the lockdown. It gives direct and indirect employment to many which is very much needed.

As India aspires to be a US $ 5 trillion economy by 2024 and US $ 10 trillion by 2030, building a new parliament will be a project of national integration  instilling a sense of national pride among its citizens.  The large infrastructure that symbolizes national pride is also in line with Prime Minister ‘ prestigious  ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat.’

Symbolism behind pandits from Sringeri, timing of Bhoomi Poojan:

We all know that the Vijayanagar empire was founded by the valiant brothers Harihararaya and Bukkaraya with the blessings and guidance of Swami Vidyaranya of Shringeri Math.  The Swami made tapasya  to re-establish Hindu Rashtra for the next 2000 years.

Swami Vidyaranya asked the two brothers to be ready to lay the foundation at the most suitable “muhurat” which will be revealed to them by Shankh-naad through him.  An error occurred while a sanyasi  blew the conch shell a few minutes earlier, at which, the two brothers laid the foundation for Vijayanagar samrajya.

Swamy Vidyaranya’s assurance:

Swami realized that the perfect muhurat was missed due to confusion, which severely affected the longevity of the empire.  He meditated for Mother Sharada, who revealed to him that the kingdom “was not meant to last” 2000 years but only 250 years, and therefore, the confusion was created by fate that the most opportune moment would be missed.  She gave him (Swami Vidyaranya) an assurance that the Hindu rashtra will reappear after 500 years, which will last for 2000 years, as per the fruits of the tapas he has done desiring it’s re-establishment.

The time  has come:

Many pundits say, this is the perfect time which has arrived that is around 2020-50 which will last 2000 years. Hence, importance of sankalp taken by Prime Minister Modi during  bhoomi poojan and the importance of laying of foundation  for Parliament building. The Bhoomi puja programme was conducted by pandits from Sri Shringeri Sharada Peetham. This was the same institution that once laid the foundation of Vijayanagara empire!

Significance of new building:

The significance of this new building has been well-explained by the statement from the Prime Minister’s Office. “The new building is an intrinsic part of the vision of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ and will be a landmark opportunity to build peoples’ Parliament for the first time after independence, one which will match the needs and aspirations of ‘New India’ in the 75th anniversary of independence in 2022,”


Courtesy : https://www.primepost.in/foundation-laid-for-parliament-building-at-an-auspicious-time/

(This Article has been reposted with permission from Primepost)