• Opposition parties point finger towards SEC
  • Faults after faults pointed out by BJP and Cong leaders
  • EC yet to respond

Hyderabad: From the day of polling, there were many complaints arising against EC as days went on, even on the counting day. Today after the counting started for 150 wards  in GHMC, there were complaints against the negligence of polling officers and EC with the incidents which are quoted below. In Jambgah, there were 471 polled votes as per EC official announcement on Dec 1st, polling day, but agents were shocked to see only 257 votes in the box. In Vivekanandanagar division, it was surprising to see 219 more votes than polled in ballot box.

The negligence of polling officers is clearly witnessed in booth no 76 of Vivekanandanagar where they did not even print seal on the ballot box after poll.

BJP leaders suspect it as a foul play and raised doubt that returning officer favoured TRS. They plan to file official complaint to EC.

SEC Failure at Counting stations

No proper facilities or arrangements were made at counting stations by EC, particularly for media. There was no coordination between media persons and election officers. Generally one representative will be there to communicate about happenings in the counting room which was not seen today. No screens were arranged for media. Even the information regarding ballot box results reached media after an hour of completion.


Courtesy : https://www.primepost.in/ghmc-counting-updates-finger-towards-ec-as-faulty-boxes-found/

(This Article has been reposted with permission from Primepost)