• Talks with govt. fail

Hyderabad: The farmers are  continuing  with their protest after the talks between the Centre and the farmers demanding a rollback of the three recent farm sector legislations ended in failure on Tuesday. The Union government’s  proposal to set up an expert committee was rejected by the farmers’ associations.  However, there was no break in communication between the farmers’ leaders and government representatives. Both sides are willing to meet again on Thursday afternoon. The farmers’ representatives were asked to submit a detailed memorandum listing  their objections to the farm legislations in specific terms.

Agitation will continue till the demand is met

Thousands of farmers, mostly from Punjab and Haryana, continued with their dharna on Delhi-Punjab border for the sixth day. “We wanted the government to suspend the three laws while the negotiations are held, but they said that would not be possible. They asked us to stop the agitation, but our protest will continue. It will be intensified until our demand for repeal of the three laws is met,” said Darshan Pal, president of the Kisan Krantikari Union, one of the farmers’ leaders who participated in the talks.

Govt. standing on false prestige

The BJP government has not shown any flexibility. It maintained its rigid stand. Had it been interested in resolving the issue and end the blockade of two entrances to the capital caused by the dharna by farmers on the border, it would have temporarily suspended the three laws. After all, the laws are yet to be implemented and the rules and regulations for their implementation are being formulated. At this stage, no harm would have been caused had the government suspended the laws for the time being to satisfy the farmers. It is apparent that the government was standing on false prestige by insisting on farmers discontinuing with their agitation without showing any consideration on its part. Tuesday’s talks were the second round between the farmers and the government.


Courtesy : https://www.primepost.in/farmers-to-intensify-agitation/

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