• Human Rights Commission complaints to CEC

Hyderabad: S. Jeevan Kumar, coordination committee member for TS and AP of Human Rights Forum has written a letter to Telangana State Chief Election Commissioner C. Parthasarathi complaining that the Covid regulations are being violated in the campaign in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections.

Jeevan Kumar, in his letter, said, “We would like to bring to your notice that the COVID norms are being floated during GHMC Election Campaign by the candidates, in the campaign.

Human Rights Forum(HRF) observed the following violations:

1. During House to House campaign, the political leaders and the campaigners, are not wearing masks and are not maintaining social distance. 

2. In Malakpet area, it is noticed that the campaigners are barging into the houses of the people in some bastees to request the residents to cast their votes in their favour. Supporters of candidates are moving like mobs and the residents are objecting to their entry into their houses.They are behaving with the inmates in a rude manner. This kind of irresponsible behaviour might lead to further spread of Pandemic. 

3. Few prominent leaders have been holding public meetings where the organizers are failing to observe COVID-19 protocol, social distance. Mask-rule is forgotten. 

The organizers are neglecting to check temperature and keep sanitizer at such venues. 

While HRF appreciates the decision of State Election Commission to dedicate one hour time for the COVID patients to exercise their franchise, we feel it is our responsibility to notify you the danger of second wave in Hyderabad due to GHMC Election. 

We request you to issue strict orders, so that the Election campaigners would adhere to COVID norms or face the risk of disqualification. 

As the Election Commission took the decision of using ballot papers instead of EVMs citing pandemic, we are hopeful that your office will issue further orders to mitigate the spread of Pandemic.” 


Courtesy : https://www.primepost.in/violation-of-covid-regulations-in-ghmc-campaign/

(This Article has been reposted with permission from Primepost)