• Police seized cash at BJP’s candidate Ragunandana Rao nephew’s house
  • BJP says Raghunandan targeted
  • BJP is banking on money, lashes Minister Harish Rao

Siddipet: The campaign for upcoming by poll of Dubbaka witnessed tense situation yesterday after police seized huge amount of 18.65 lakhs from BJP candidate’s nephew house in Siddipet. Police claim that amount is to influence voters for by poll which was found after raid by them.

BJP leaders Ruckus: A soon as the news spread to Dubbaka, BJP candidate Raghunandan rao along with his cadre rushed to Siddipet. “How can police raid house without any search warrant, they want to plant money and book me, this is all gimmicks of ruling party, TRS, to defame me as they came to know that BJP will win”, Raghunandan stated before arguing with police on raids. High drama turned out after BJP workers caught police with a bag of cash and they ran away with amount of 12 lakhs with video went on viral on social media.

BJP state leaders TBJP President Bandi Sanjay, Chinthala Ramakrishna Reddy, Motkupalli Narsimhulu, Former MP Jitender Reddy, MLC Ramchander, former MP Vivek, Union Minister of Home Kishan reddy rushed to Siddipet late night after the came to know about the news. Bandi Sanjay was taken into custody as preventive of law and order situation and later dropped at his house in Karimnagar.

Sanjay addressed media and came harsh on CM KCR by saying that police are acting on words of CM and Minister Harish Rao. Can police dare to raid farm house of KCR from where money is distributing for by poll? He questioned. Union Minister for Home Kishan Reddy said that incident happened was a brutal assault.

BJP frustrated of defeat: Minister T. Harish Rao

Star campaigner for TRS, Minister Harish Rao lashed out at BJP after the incident took place. He said party is frustrated and will lose deposit in this election also as voters are decided to go for TRS. BJP is totally banking on money power rather than vote bank as it won’t believe on about win in Dubbaka, he said. Raid by police is a part of their duty during elections, BJP leaders should have been cooperated with them if they believe they have not committed mistake, TRS voluntarily came up with it when raids took on our party leaders, he further added.

Harish Rao addressed media at late night when BJP cadre tried to effigy his and KCR’s flexes all around the state. He said Central govt never fulfilled promises made to Telangana state. He made this statement when huge cadre of congress and BJP joined TRS after call given by Harish Rao to join hands with him for development of Dubbaka.

Things that took turn around: There were tense situations witnessed during the by poll campaign between BJP and TRS. The war turned around between Harish and BJP or opposition as campaign took momentum. Opposition parties clearly understood that momentum is tilting towards TRS after Harish Rao plunged into action. BJP candidate Raghunandan, who is fighting for 3rd time in assembly elections focussed in criticising Harish rather than TRS. When 40 lakhs cash was seized from his follower’s car at Shamirpet, Raghunandan did not utter a word, same when cash of 7 lakhs was seized few days ago from BJP’s leader vehicle. This all clearly indicate favour running towards TRS and BJP, though murmuring about their win in by poll, is also depending on money bank as this election is do or die for party.

Fight for second position: Both BJP and Congress came to a conclusion that fight will be for second place. There was no strong candidate for congress until Cheruku Srinivas reddy joined party from TRS. On the other hand, BJP nominated same candidate Raghunandan for 3rd time with a belief that sympathy factor from voters will work. Initial reports showed trend towards BJP who was in 3rd place for the previous elections held. This all changed as campaigned progressed with Harish Rao’s strategy. He is successful in attracting voters that only TRS party is for state development. Harish Rao came up with statement that he will personally look after the development of Dubbaka which made voters confident and faith towards him.

Amit Shah made a call to state leaders and enquired about the incident. BJP will lodge a complaint to CEC against TRS for misusing state machinery, Kishan reddy said.

What Exactly Happened? : Police conducted raids on BJP candidate Raghunandan Rao’s nephew S.Arjun Rao’s house at lectures Colony in Siddipet and seized cash amount of 18.67 lakhs. As the police were ready to leave with seized bag, Raghunandan reached spot with his followers and argued with police for the raid without search warrant, Raghunandan was fainted for few minutes during the argument which made BJP cadre to create ruckus. They snatched bag from police and ran away with around 12 lakhs of cash by saying that police planned to keep bag at Arjun Rao’s house and book BJP candidate.

TBJP President Sanjay who was on the way to Siddipet was arrested as preventive measures of law and order. Sanjay pointed at police action which he felt was done on the order of CM KCR to defame his party’s candidate.

Police version: After controversy erupted on the raid, Siddipet Police Commissioner, Joel Davis gave clarification that police raided in 3 places after they received a call about money flow. They raided Siddipet Muncipal Chairman’s house Rajanarsu(father-in-law of Raghunadan), S, Ramgopal Rao and S. Arjun Rao houses. He came up with a statement that search warrant was given to his family members and cash was seized as it was to influence Dubbaka voters which were sent by Jitender, nephew of Arjun rao.Those who snatched money from police will be arrested soon, he said. Meanwhile S. Arjun rao condemned the act of police by saying that nearly 40 policemen along with civil dressed persons entered house and snatched mobile phones and raided house.

With War of words in peak by contesting parties, police raids, all creating tense in Dubbaka by poll as election date is progressing. Polling will be held on Nov 3rd and counting is on 10th Nov for Dubbaka by poll.


(This Article has been reposted with permission from Primepost)