Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) now focused on Jharkhand 2019 Assembly Elections while government in Maharashtra yet to be formed, party president Amit Shah is meeting senior leaders from the state to finalise the list of candidates for the upcoming elections.

The meeting at the residence of party chief was attended by chief minister Raghubar Das along with other key senior leaders.Ahead of the scheduled meeting with Mr Shah, senior party leaders had managed to bring down the number of prospective candidates on each seat.

Earlier, in the day, a core group had met for deliberations on the candidates. Several MPs were also invited for the same. According to a senior leader, the entire day was spent ruling out prospective candidates from a cumbersome list and by the meeting ended it was respectably trimmed. A senior party leader said that names from workers from each Mandal and district and Members of Parliament were considered while shortlisting the names.