International Tiger Day was created at Sait Petersburg Tiger Summit (SPTS) 2010. Objective of International Tiger Day is to raise awareness about declining numbers of wild tigers. In India many government agencies and wild life protection organizations observe various activities on this day. One can get involved in these conversations by just using hashtags #WorldTigerDay or #InternationalTigerDay . On the occasion of Global Tiger Day today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi released the results of the fourth cycle of All India Tiger Estimation - 2018, at LokKalyan Marg in New Delhi. The count of tigers in India, has risen to 2967, in 2018, according to this survey. Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister described this as a historic achievement for India, and reaffirmed India’s commitment towards protecting the tiger. The Prime Minister appreciated the speed and dedication with which various stakeholders worked to achieve this. He described it as one of the finest examples of Sankalp Se Siddhi. Once the people of India decide to do something, there is no force that can prevent them from getting the desired results, he declared.