Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu has called upon government agencies, civil societies and NGOs to coordinate their efforts and step up the fight against human trafficking in an uncompromising, relentless and ceaseless manner.

He observed that the war against human trafficking must continue until the last victim was rescued and rehabilitated and the last perpetrator was brought to justice.

Addressing the gathering after releasing the Training Manual on Home Management for Homes Meant for Sex Trafficked Victims brought out by Dr Sunitha Krishnan and her NGO, ‘Prajwala’, in Hyderabad today, the Vice President said that human trafficking was much more than just a social evil and was a violent crime against humanity itself. He suggested translating the Training Manual into local languages for better understanding for the public.

‘Special care must be taken in the case of child survivors, for the shock and trauma undergone by them would be immense. They would require a higher degree of care to make a full recovery,” he added.

The Vice President said that Safe Homes meant for care and protection face serious challenges in creating an enabling an environment for holistic rehabilitation for survivors coming from such severely abusive conditions.

“When survivors are rescued from exploitative situations and suffer from the serious impact and consequences of such violence – their first and foremost requirement is a safe space and shelter towards their eventual rehabilitation,” he added.

To give encouragement and supplement the efforts of Prajwala, the Vice President announced his one month’s salary to the organization that has been taking care of victims of human trafficking.