In a case of the oppositions coming together, Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) merged in the Mara District to constitute the new district council, after the Mara Autonomous District Council (MDC) was dissolved unanimously in a meeting at the Siaha district in Mizoram on June 19th.

The Mizoram BJP President JV Hluna claimed that the Congress had approached them to seek a merger and they agreed to it after consultation with leaders from the Central government.

The members of the Congress signed a declaration accepting the decision. Five party members, H Sahlo, V VB Byhna, Tiahlei Syuhlo, NG Silla and Ngunsuii were out of the station but conveyed the acceptance of the decision over a telephonic conversation.

“Regarding MDC, as soon as MNF (Mizo National Front) formed government in the state, Congress was very scared of the MNF government so they contacted our District President who in turn came to me,” said Hluna, according to News18.

Hluna asserted that the merger was not a coalition with the Congress while maintaining that the BJP was to fully control the district council.