Preparations are going on to celebrate International Yoga Day at large scale on June 21 in the whole world including the country. Meanwhile, students of Aligarh Muslim University have raised their voices against Yoga Day. Students have expressed displeasure over organizing Yoga Day.

Students say that yoga is a better thing, but it is wrong to waste crores of rupees for just one day. The former officer of the University Student Union says that there is no harm in incorporating yoga as a subject of science.

University students say that the amount of money spent on celebrating Yoga Day can meet many other needs of the country. While some people say yoga is being imposed in schools and colleges. It cannot be imposed on anyone.

It is worth mentioning that in the year 2015, after the UN efforts to celebrate International Yoga Day every year, the United Nations had announced every year. The United Nations welcomed India's Sarathak initiative and welcomed it. Since then, Yoga Day is celebrated on a wide scale throughout the world every year.