After the LokSabha Elections, Congress President Rahul Gandhi continued his attack on the prime minister on the second day of his visit to Wayanad claiming that the Prime Minister’s Lok Sabha election campaign was filled with "lies, poison and hatred", but his (Gandhi)party stood for truth, love and affection.

On his first visit to his constituency after being elected to Lok Sabha, Rahul addressed party workers at Kalpetta, Kambalakadu and Panamaram during a roadshow on Saturday.

He added that Modi "uses hatred, anger and lies" which are his "weapons" while claiming that his party will continue to fight the "worst sentiments" the prime minister represents.

"At the national level, we are fighting poison. Modi's campaign was filled with lies, poison, hatred and divided the people of the country. He used lies in the election... Congress stood for truth, love and affection," he said addressing the crowd at Kalpetta.

He further said, "My job is to represent all of Wayanad. People from all parties supported me in the election. There are big challenges and issues in Wayanad. We will work together and solve everything.”

Gandhi had contested the Lok Sabha election from Wayanad, along with his family bastion of Amethi where he lost to Union minister Smriti Irani in the Uttar Pradesh constituency. However, he won from Wayanad with a margin of about 4.31 lakh votes.

On Friday in Malappuram district, Rahul claimed that his party will emerge as a strong Opposition and defend the poor. Attacking Modi, he said, "Modi may have money, he may have the media by his side, he may have rich friends. But the Congress will continue to fight against the intolerance created by the BJP".

He added, "The intolerance created by BJP and Modi will be dealt by the Congress party with love and affection." He is on a three-day visit to the constituency.