With breaking its own 2014 record of 282 seats, the BJP led NDA has 350 seats in the 17th LokSabha. With this majority, comes a few ground-breaking margins with which their candidates won in their own constituencies.

The list was topped by BJP’s C R Patil who defeated Congress’ Dharmeshbha Patel with a margin of 6,89,668 votes after winning 9,72,739 votes in Gujarat. Followed by Haryana’s Karnal city, BJP’s Sanjay Bhatia with 9,11,594 votes defeating Congress’ Kuldeep Sharma with 2,55,452 votes with a huge margin of 6,56,142 votes. From the same state, Faridabad’s Krishan Pal won with 9,13,222 votes and defeated Congress’ Avtar Singh Bhadana with a margin of 6,38,239 votes. Meanwhile,  Rajasthan’s Bhilwara town stood 4th after it saw Ram Pal Sharma of Congress’ being defeated by BJP’s Subhash Chandra Baheria with a margin 6,12,000 votes. Lastly,in the constituency of Vadodara, Ranjanben Bhatt from BJP got 8,83,719 votes while his opponent, Prashant Patel from Congress took away only 2,94,542 votes thus defeated with a margin of 5,89,177 votes.