151 of the newly elected 174 MLAs in Andhra Pradesh have stated criminal cases against them in their affidavit, in which 55 criminal cases (32 per cent) are registered serious criminal cases. This information was given by Andhra Pradesh Election Watch (APE) and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR).

According to the report, eight of these MLAs have been convicted.

YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) legislator Ramkrishna Reddy Pinnelli has declared himself a case of murder, while 10 other MLAs have declared a case of attempted murder.

Six MLAs have declared themselves guilty of crimes against women. In these cases, cases involving violence against women, sexual assault on them, objection to insulting them, misbehaviour etc are involved.

According to the report, seven MLAs have said that they have registered cases related to kidnapping.

Among the major parties which have criminal cases registered on the legislators, 50 of the YSRCP MLAs (33 per cent), Telugu Desam Party (TDP), four of the 23 MLAs and one MLA from the Jan Army Party (JSP) The criminal case has been registered.

The APE and ADR studied the affidavits of 174 MLAs out of 175. These MLAs have 160 men and 14 women.