West Bengal CM, Mamata Banerjee said on Thursday that the state does not need money from the Central government party, BJP as it has enough resources to rebuild the Vidyasagar statue that was vandalised at a Kolkata college following the violent breakout at Amit Shah's roadshow.

The statement comes as a response after PM Narendra Modi, during a rally in Uttar Pradesh, had promised to install the statue at the same spot where it stood before being desecrated on Tuesday. While addressing a rally in her state, Banerjee said, "Modi has promised to rebuild the Vidyasagar statue in Kolkata. Why should we take their (BJP's) money, Bengal has enough resources."

She then attacked the party while claiming that vandalising statues was one of its habits and that the party has done so in Tripura as well. "The BJP has destroyed the 200-year-old heritage of West Bengal, those supporting the party will not be accepted by the society," she warned.

She then spoke about the party’s social media posts saying that the BJP had been spreading canards over Facebook and Twitter. "The BJP is trying to instigate people and cause riots with its fake posts on social media," she added.