Congress leader Hardik Patel called out on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday for "running away" from "real issues" that affect people at a poll meeting in Chandigarh.

"He is running away from the real issues," Mr. Patel said at a poll meeting in Chandigarh for Congress' Chandigarh Lok Sabha candidate and former Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal.

"Even their (BJP) candidates from various constituencies are seeking votes in Modi's name as they don't have any issue to talk about or flaunt the development in their constituency," claimed Mr. Patel.

He accused the Modi government of snatching job opportunities from the youth instead of keeping its poll promise of providing two crore jobs.

He then attacked the PM Modi over the "false propaganda" about the development in PM Modi's home state of Gujarat ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

" In Gujarat, 55 lakh youth are unemployed... He (Modi) showed that face of Gujarat which never even existed," Patel said.