Lok Sabha Elections 2019 has now reached the final phase. Looking at the deteriorating political equation over time, the Chief Minister of Telangana is meeting non-NDA and non-UPA leaders. In this sequence of K. Chandrasekhar Rao ( KCR ) will meet DMK President Stalin today. However, the DMK has been supporting UPA till date.

There are reports that KCR is quite serious about the formation of the Third Front. He at times accepted this fact on the public forum that the third front would have an important role in the centre. He has been trying for a long time that non-NDA and non-UPA Front can be formed, which would play a decisive role in forming the government.

The news of KCR and Stalin's meeting did not come up for the first time. However, due to some reason, the meeting was put off. Even earlier this meeting was to be held on Sunday, which was postponed. Now this meeting will be held at four o'clock in the evening. 

 Last week, KCR met the Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan. The two leaders had held a meeting in the closed room for about two hours. CM Vijayan of Kerala had said that both the coalitions could not get the majority. In such a scenario, regional parties will play an important role.