Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that he has not seen such a failed prime minister in an independent India. For this, he gave several examples after one.

TDP chief Naidu, who was involved in the exercise of a coalition with equal ideology parties to defeat BJP, surrounded Modi on issues like demonetisation and GST.

Naidu tweeted on Thursday, "He killed all democratic institutions in the 5 years of his misrule, unlike anything India has seen before. The collective fight of 22 opposition parties is to preserve the integrity of the electoral process & preserve the institutional integrity of the Election Commission."

 He also mentioned the disappearance of the documents allegedly from the Ministry of Defense. Naidu tweeted, "Has the National Defense document ever disappeared from the Ministry of Defense in India's history?"

It is noteworthy that if the demand for granting special state status to Andhra Pradesh was not met, TDP was separated from the NDA alliance and since then Naidu has been an attacker on the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance.