Jyotiraditya Scindia, senior Congress leader of Congress reaffirmed his party's performance in Uttar Pradesh better than in 2014, keeping in view the "long-term interests". The Congress general secretary said that there is a strategy to strengthen the party in the state.

After spending some time in Uttar Pradesh. Scindia is now concentrating on the parliamentary seat of Madhya Pradesh, from where he has contested for the fifth time to become a Member.

Uttar Pradesh (West), in-charge said that 'We have done this in Uttar Pradesh and have decided to stand on the strength and strengthen the party in the state. After the results in Uttar Pradesh, you will see that this is probably the right decision by keeping the long-term interest of the party in mind'.

Scindia said, 'I think every party will be ahead in that place where it is the strongest. It depends on which party has the strongest candidate and the strongest organization. 'Scindia said that politics is the art of possibilities'.

He said, 'anything is possible in politics and you have to stand up and try. Sometimes the attempts bring colour, sometimes it does not happen.