The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Thursday hit out on PM Narendra Modi for not listing any achievement of his ministries and not saying anything at his public rally on the sealing drive in Delhi.

AAP leader Sanjay Singh said the AAP asked five questions to PM Modi but he did not answer even one.

"Yesterday there was a rally by Modi (in Delhi) and as expected he did not utter any word on sealing," he said. “What kind of PM he is? He was not able to list a single achievement of his ministries in the speech," he added.

Modi said on Wednesday that Delhi has seen 'nakampanthi' (non-performance) which created anarchy.

Mr Singh said the ongoing LokSabha Elections is a contest between those who work and those who make fake promises.

"AAP is a party which is driven by work and the world has seen and praised our work. The party which is attacking an elected CM and spreading hate in the country is accusing us (AAP) of anarchy," he said.

Singh added that Modi had promised full statehood for Delhi from the same rally ground back in 2014 but didn’t say anything about it on Wednesday. The Delhi government party had asked PM Modi to speak about sealing drive and full statehood for Delhi among others.