Congress Chief Strategist Sam Pitroda has indicated that the 'coalition' will come together at the right time. Sam Pitroda, chief of Indian Overseas Congress, said, 'It is believed that the common objective of the party is to oust the Narendra Modi government, even if it is for compromising the number of seats.'

Pitroda said, 'I do not think there is anything to worry about, they will all come together at the right time. I can assure you that they are all clear on the general goal. They all want democracy, inclusion and peace. Only prosperity will be through peace. If we have peace in the country then we can create jobs. '

He said, 'We can not create jobs by dividing people. I believe in the leadership of the coalition members. No matter what they stand today when the right time comes, I believe they will make the right decision. '

Pitroda says that based on our assessment, we believe that we are winning because on the ground level reality is very different from the depiction of the media. The ground level people believe that the Modi government has failed to deliver better results.

He said that I believe with confidence that all the opposition parties are clear about their goals and all of them want is strong democracy and peace.