Indian Overseas Congress Chief, Sam Pitroda claimed that party president, Rahul Gandhi has experienced the trauma of terrorism and those questioning him in the matter should feel ashamed. 
The remarks come at a time when PM Modi and other BJP leaders’ time and 2again attacked Gandhi on the issue of terrorism and national security before the Elections.

During an interview with PTI, Pitroda said Rahul Gandhi had lost his grandmother (Indira Gandhi) and father (Rajiv Gandhi) to terrorism and thus understands the trauma and suffering which comes with it and that those doubting his nationalism should be ashamed of themselves.

Referring to senior BJP leader LK Advani's recent remarks in a blog post, Pitroda said that BJP leaders must learn from the veteran leader.

He said that he disagreed with Advani on many issues, but respects him as a person and that the party leaders must learn from him who has advised against excess self-promotion and calling people with different political views as 'anti-national.

He then questioned the self-imposed right of BJP to call others as traitors.

On being questioned about Congress' prospects in the elections, he said that these elections may throw many surprises but that the voters should remember that their votes can make or mar the country's future.
He then said that Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi are two different personalities calling the former a “manufactured image” while addressing the later as an honest young leader who understands people's problems and has overcome many challenges.

“Rahul belongs to a party which fought for the independence of the country. But what has been the contribution of the other leader's party in the freedom struggle?" Pitroda said.

He was then questioned about the difference between the leadership of Rajiv Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, to which he said that both the leaders belong to different times. He claimed, "Rajiv Gandhi had a huge mandate. But Rahul had to rise from the bottom. He has faced a lot of criticism and personal attacks. And yet, he rose and is ready to lead the country today.”
Regarding questions on the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) during elections, he said that at least 50 percent of EVM results should be matched with Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trails (VVPATs).

Pitroda has been an advisor to the Gandhi family for a long time.