Chief Electoral Officer of Telangana State, Rajat Kumar said that all EVMs have been kept under tight security. He also informed the media about the steps taken for the protection of EVMs.

He said that EVM / control units, ballot units and VVPATs related to various constituencies have been kept in strict security in the selected centres of the respective districts. Describing the safety rules to be followed in these centres and the Strong Rooms, he said that there is a Platoon Security worker near each Strong Room.

These level rooms are provided with three level security. At the first level, the central paramilitary forces, the state police forces at the second level and the local police are deployed at the third level for 24 hours.

He clarified that the inspectors, district election officers and district police superintendent level officials should also adhere to all the rules coming in the periphery of first level security. In the logbook available there, all the information related to the names of these officers, day time and how long it is there will be recorded.

 A double lock will be arranged in the Strong Room. A key will be with the District Election Officer and the other concerned Returning Officer. A control room has also been formed for 24 hours working alongside the Strong Room. There is also a police officer and a gazetted officer will be constantly monitoring the security.

 Apart from this, a fire fighting team has been kept ready for 24 hours. He said that every morning and evening the relevant Returning Officers, after going to first level safety in the room, the inspection of video recordings will be required to report to the District Election Officer.

He clarified that any minister, political leader and official vehicles will not be allowed. Rajat Kumar said that Strong Room will be opened in front of all the candidates, returning officers and inspectors on the counting day.