TRS chief and Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao on Sunday lashed out at Narendra Modi as a response for making personal remarks on him and said that he had never come across such a "petty" Prime Minister while addressing a public meeting in Nirmal town.
Calling him Petty, Rao said that as a PM, Modi should be talking about policy matters instead of making personal remarks.

The response comes from the vent that took place last month. While addressing a rally in Mahbubnagar, Modi had targetted Rao over his belief in astrology saying that he was under the influence of astrologers.

"For the BJP and the PM issues like Ram Mandir and Pakistan comes to mind when there are elections. They garner votes by dividing people into the lines of Hindus and Muslims. Is it right to divide people for votes?" Rao asked.

Rao, who has been proposing a Non-BJP and Non-Congress government, claimed that both governments at the Centre had failed to make use of resources to develop the nation. He then urged everyone in the country to come together to build a new India. "Give us 16 MPs to play a key role in the front at the national level," he told the gathering.

He then added that after June a new Revenue Act offering conclusive title to owners of lands, tribals, revenue lands in plains or other lands will be brought out.

The Telangana CM then claimed that there was no such Act in the entire country and that after the Lok Sabha elections, a government which will be favourable to the state of Telangana will come at the Centre.