Union home minister Rajnath Singh lashed out on Congress for promising abolition of sedition law in its election manifesto on Saturday while addressing a rally at Nawada. Singh compared the demand of the opposition made to the government to release the exact number of terrorists killed in the Balakot airstrikes, to vultures preying upon dead bodies. He expressed his surprise as to how the Congress has the audacity to ask for votes when it claims to abolish the sedition law while trying to stress that the BJP government is committed to crushing all sorts of anti-national activities.

Referring to the saffron party’s response to the Pulwama attack, Singh pointed the possibility of the Congress forgetting the adulation the then PM Indira Gandhi had received when India defeated Pakistan in the 1971 war which led to the creation of Bangladesh. Singh claimed that Congress is unable to stomach the reverence Modi is evoking as a result of displaying similar boldness of leadership.

He criticized the opposition of being wary of the blessings that the people are showering on the PM on account of his achievements.

Singh quoted various statistics and statements by various reports that stated that the Modi government did well in the last 5 years saying that currently, India is the sixth largest economy in the world and that Modi's dynamic leadership will ensure that India jumps to the third position within a decade.

Taking a dig at the Mahagathbandhan (Grand Alliance) which includes various parties Singh remarked that now they have come up with this new formation which has leaders either in jail or out on bail.