The Election Commission of India has seized Rs 302 crores worth of cash as of March 31st already, since it started publishing daily seizure reports on March 26th before the Lok Sabha elections.

The amount is more than the total money seized by the ECI throughout the duration of the 2014 Lok Sabha (Rs 299.94) elections even as polling for the first phase, scheduled for April 11, is yet to be held.

On a different note, law enforcement agencies have seized nearly 63 lakh litres of liquor from across the nation including the states where alcohol is prohibited. This has happened since the Model Code of Conduct came into effect on March 10th. Back in 2014, 161 lakh litres of alcohol was seized. The liquor seized till March 31 is valued at Rs 135 crore approximately.

In addition to that, the agencies have also seized roughly Rs 681 crore worth of Drugs/Narcotics and Rs 230 crore worth of 'precious metals' that include Gold, silver, etc.

In a recent report, the highest amount was seized from the state of Andhra Pradesh which was Rs. 95 crore followed by Tamil Nadu at Rs 91 crore worth of cash.

Maharashtra had topped the list with 16.63 lakh litres of alcohol which was seized, followed by UP where the companies confiscated 10.41 lakh litres. However, in terms of the value of liquor, UP (Rs 29.56 crore) outperformed Maharashtra (Rs 12.8 crore).