Like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi will also contest from two seats. Senior Congress leader AK Antony said on Sunday that Congress president Rahul Gandhi will contest from two seats. Rahul will contest the Lok Sabha elections from Wayanad of Kerala and Amethi from Uttar Pradesh.

Antony said that for the past some time there was a demand that Rahul Gandhi should fight more than one seat in South India. He said, "Such demand was constantly from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala." Antony said that it was decided that Rahul Gandhi will contest from the Wayanad seat in Kerala.

Antony said that Rahul Gandhi met senior leaders and said that it is not appropriate to reject the demand coming from the people of the state. For this, Rahul Gandhi got ready to contest from UP with Amethi from another seat. Antony told that the Wayanad seat of Kerala has been selected for several reasons.

 Antony said that the Wayanad seat of Kerala is very important in cultural and geographical terms. This seat connects Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In such a situation, if Rahul Gandhi fights the Wayanad seat, then it will be a representation of South India.