Jansena party leader Pawan Kalyan said in his public meeting held in Nandyal area that if the Jana Sena government comes to Andhra Pradesh, free education and free health system will be provided in the entire state. Simultaneously, the Nandyal area will be developed as a special district, thereby facilitating the development of it more quickly.

Not only this, but Pawan Kalyan also assured that within 3 months of coming into power of his party, the construction of the bridge will begin on Kundu river.

 Pawan Kalyan said that there is neither good government medical facility nor education system in Nandyal area. There are neither minimum medical facilities in hospitals nor medicines there. In such a situation, the people there are facing many difficulties. Government hospitals will be developed in accordance with corporate hospitals as soon as their party comes to the government.

For the purpose of a good education, a government degree college will be set up for each division, where KG from PG level education will be provided free of cost. Not only that, we will provide a free railway pass along with free bus passes to those schools. The Jansana Party plans to accommodate free canteen in each government college.

  Pawan Kalyan said that considering the public demand, efforts will be made to run a train between Vijayawada and Nandiyal.

Simultaneously, he promised to give 6 to 10 gas cylinders free of cost to women every year. With that said that now every family will be deposited between two and a half thousand to three and a half thousand rupees in the account of women in place of a free ration.