Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal urged voters in the national capital to vote to make Delhi a full state. He claimed that despite being the second highest tax contributor in the nation, Delhi receives only a fraction of what the other states get from the central government.

Talking to the reporters, Kejriwal said that till now people of Delhi have voted to choose a PM but this time the votes will be for full statehood. He called out at the injustice the national capital has faced in the past 70 years by being given a “step-motherly treatment.”

He explained the issue of how after Bombay, Delhi pays the highest amount in taxes which is 1.5 lakh crore. Delhi gets only Rs. 385 crore from the central government. A small state like Goa, where the overall population is only 15 lakh approximately gets Rs. 3,200 crore from the Centre. Delhi, with a population of Rs. 2 crore, gets only Rs. 385 crore because of not being a full-fledged state. Kejriwal then finally asked the question, Then why have you kept it a half state?"

Kejriwal blamed the rise of crime against women on Delhi not being a full state failing to have a law and order under its ambit. He also demanded reservation up to 85% for Delhi citizens in Delhi government jobs but even this proposal was rejected," he said.

Regarding education, he said because the Delhi government had no power to open new universities, the students of Delhi fail to get admission despite getting brilliant scores.

He said that he wants 85 percent of seats in Delhi universities to be reserved for Delhi students. He claimed that once Delhi will get its full-fledged statehood, the party won't have to take permission from anyone to open new universities and colleges.