Kamal already announced that his party will be contesting in the upcoming General Elections. And now, the Election Commission of India had allotted ‘Battery Torch’ Symbol for his party. “MNM thanks the Election commission for granting us the “Battery Torch” symbol for the forthcoming elections calling it "appropriate" and is apt for the party's vision.

"MNM thanks the Election Commission for granting us the 'Battery Torch' symbol for the forthcoming elections. So appropriate. MNM will endeavour to be the 'Torch-Bearer' for a new era in TN and Indian politics," Haasan said in a tweet. 

Hassan had launched his political party MNM (People's Centre for Justice) last year and will contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He launched it at a public meeting in Madurai on 21 February 2018.  The party flag is symbolised by six interlocked hands, meant to represent co-operation between the Southern states of India (5 States and 1 UT). 

Last month speaking to reporters here, he said that the party will release the names of Lok Sabha candidates in phases and that youth will get preference in the selections.