Congress leader and former MP Vijaya Shanti lambasted Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She went on to comment spitefully stating that 'PM Modi looks like a terrorist'.

While addressing the party's meeting chaired by Congress President Rahul Gandhi, Vijaya Shanti said that the upcoming elections are a fight between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. Former MP said that Rahul is fighting for the apt democratic system while Modi's is anything but democratic, whose style of governance is to disturb the harmony of communities and harass the innocent in the name of Hindutva.

 Vijaya Shanti criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the ineffective execution and eventual failure of demonetisation and alleged that he is ruling like a dictator. She further commented that he planted fear among the people of the nation, not knowing when will he drop another bomb. She went on to say, 'instead of loving people, he is scaring people. He looks like a terrorist and It's not the way a PM should be.'

Criticizing the current government policies, she said that whether it's the ban on currency notes or implementation of GST and black money hid in banks and the attack on Pulwama terrorists, he is frightening people on all of the issues and has failed the citizens of this nation on all aspects.