The Election Commission is ready to announce the dates of forthcoming Lok Sabha elections which will be held in seven-eight phases from April till May. Election Commission is in the final stages of wrapping up the preparations for the approaching Lok Sabha elections.

The complete details of the election dates will be announced by the end of this weekend or by the first two days of the next week, which is after the conclusion of the current term for Lok Sabha.

A senior official of the Election Commission said that the commission is ready to announce dates on any given day and mostly the dates will be announced by Tuesday.

Also, the Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly has been dissolved. Hence the commission is bound to hold fresh elections within a period of six months. So it is opined that Jammu and Kashmir's Assembly elections will be held hand-in-hand with Lok Sabha elections due to the current tense situation on the Indo-Pak border. A decision will be taken keeping the security and situation of the state in mind.

It is also expected that the Commission is looking to organise the Assembly elections of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh along with the Lok Sabha elections.