Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal took a dig at the BJP president Amit Shah who took a stand that was contradictory to that of the armed forces over the number of terrorists killed in the pre-dawn air strikes on terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed's training camps in Pakistan.

Shah had said on Sunday that the air strikes killed more than 250 terrorists when the armed forces were yet to put out any official figure.

Kejriwal took to Twitter to say:

"The armed forces are also saying this. Amit Shah is saying that the armed forces are lying, 250 (terrorists) were killed. Amit Shah is calling the armed forces a liar. The country will not tolerate this under any circumstances,"

In another tweet, he said:

"The armed forces cannot lie, but the BJP is lying. The whole country stands with the armed forces, but BJP stands against them,"

While addressing an event in Ahmedabad, Shah had said that after the Pulwama attack, no one expected another surgical strike BJP after 13 days conducted air strikes and killed more than 250 terrorists.

During a press conference on Monday, Indian Air Force chief BS Dhanoa declined to comment on the toll in the Balakot strike and said that it was for the government to provide details on the number of terrorists killed.

He said that his team doesn’t count human casualties but count what targets they have or have not hit.