SP-BSP alliance seems to cross the borders now and enter MP and Uttarakhand. This alliance is giving sleepless nights for both NDA and Congress in multiple states now. SP-BSP announced the seat sharing arrangement for MP and Uttarakhand.

Samajwadi Party will contest 3 of the 29 Lok Sabha constituencies in Madhya Pradesh. In the remaining 26 constituencies, BSP is likely to be in the fray, party president Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati have announced today. Meanwhile, In Uttarakhand, there are 5 Lok Sabha seats, SP is contesting in one place and BSP in 3 constituencies and one left for alliance party.

BSP-SP has announced the seat sharing arrangement in UP. BSP will be contesting on 38 out of the 80 seats predominantly SC/ST reserved seats while SP will be contesting in 37 seats. The alliance also left 3 seats for the regionally strong parties and not contesting in Rai Bareilly and Amethi constituencies which are strong bastions for Congress.

With this arrangement, SP-BSP seems to play their cards for the top positions irrespective of outcomes of the elections.