In the game of power, the greatest power is political power, not money power. Thirty-three candidates are contesting for single MLC seat under MLA quota in Congress for the upcoming MLC elections.

The congress subcommittee for selection has met at CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka's office to finalize the candidates but could not arrive at the decision. They will meet again on Tuesday to reach a consensus on the name for MLC. After losing badly in Assembly elections in Telangana, even a single MLC seat is significant for Congress to show their strength at Vidhan Parishad. Meanwhile, Mahmood Ali, Seri Subhash Reddy, Satyavathi Rathore, Mallesham have filed nominations on behalf of TRS. Mirja Riaz-ul-Hasan, Corporator of Dabirpura had filed nomination on behalf of AIMIM which also secured support from TRS to win the MLC.