BJP President of Telangana Dr K. Laxman has responded to the proposed vote-on-account budget by the Telangana government. He criticized that the budget presented by the government is only a gamble of numbers. Other than that, nothing substantial or important is presented in the budget.

He stated that after noticing the presented budget, it is very clear that there is a lack of finance minister. He said that it is disappointing for not giving a proper explanation for the allowance for unemployed youth. He further questioned, how would the 1800 crore and 16 lakhs declared to be sufficient for the unemployed youth?.

He further alleged that there was a considerable discrepancy in assurances regarding budgets promised before the election. There is no word about the creation of employment in the budget session. In view of the Lok Sabha elections, the vote-on-account budget was introduced.  The Telangana government betrayed the people of Hyderabad. There is no talk or discussion about the welfare and development in the budget. This is just to trick the people in the name of budget.

And in the regards of the Lok Sabha elections, Dr K. Laxman said that BJP is prepared for the Lok Sabha elections. The party and its people are ready for elections and also election campaigning. On March 6, in Nizamabad, BJP National President Amit Shah will attend a program. Bike rally will be conducted on March 2. In the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP will definitely win from their respective constituencies.