Despite recently creating an alliance with BJP, Shiv Sena didn’t stop itself from questioning the central government regarding its response to Pakistan over the Pulwama terror attack.
The Party said that the martyrdom of soldiers and terror attacks becomes a tool to win elections and that there are rhetorics of teaching Pakistan a lesson. “First do it and then speak. We are only giving warnings since Pathankot, Uri and now Pulwama (terror attacks)," the Shiv Sena said.

They said that the country is busy patting their backs over what Donald Trump, France, and Iran had to say over the attacks.

The party pointed out to the time when Sri Lanka ended the menace of LTTE and the world commended the island nation for it. It also reminded of the time the USA killed Osama bin Laden inside Pakistan and the world lauded that country's courage.

They added that we are patting our back without even doing anything as it is different for nations like the US and France to condemn the terror attack in Pulwama and another thing to openly say Kashmir is a part of India.

Referring to the statement of PM of Pakistan Imran Khan asserting that his country will retaliate if India takes action over the Pulwama terror attack, Uddhav Thackeray-led party said that unless countries like the US and France tell Pakistan that it will be the loser in the hour of conflict with India, such nations can't be considered a true friend of India.