Former Jammu and Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah lashed out at the Governor Satya Pal Malik accusing him of failing to carry out his primary responsibility. He asked him to pay a visit to the injured in the Pulwama terror attack and take charge of the situation.

In one of the most fatal terrorist attack in J&K on Thursday, minimum 37 CRPF personnel were killed and five were injured. It was reported that a Jaish suicide bomber forced himself into a vehicle carrying over 100 kg of explosives into a bus in the Pulwama district.

An annoyed Abdullah tweeted the following accusing Malik of failing in his duty.

1. "The Governor of J&K has failed in his primary responsibility. He compounds things by preferring to appear on every single news channel he can find rather than rush to the valley to meet the injured and yet somehow Mehbooba & I are to blame for everything (sic)."

2. "It's mind-boggling that the biggest ever terrorist attack in J&K takes place & yet for some channels/talking heads the only people NOT accountable are the central government & the governor's administration.”

3. "Dear Governor Malik, some unsolicited advice from a person who has governed J&K for 6 years. Pls stop giving interviews, let your advisors do it. You will only make things worse by trying to talk your way out of this situation (sic)", he said in a series of tweets.

He urged Malik to suppress his desire to politicize everything and instead to stand up as a statesman for once. He added that if he (Malik)would do so, the nation will appreciate his move even if his party won’t.