Pawan Kalyan, the founder, and leader of the Janasena party said once again that his motive and intention is to provide a golden future for the youth and citizenry of the state and the country. The reason the advisory council is established because it is important and necessary for the wholesome development of the party and also for the state. It has got nothing to do with politics, that is why the Janasena Advisory Board is formed.  

Pawan Kalyan said that KV Vishnu Raju of Vishnu Educational Society is adorning the chairman post for advisory council board because of his intellectual abilities and enormous experience. He also said that Popular academician took this responsibility with a big heart and a broader perspective. Janasena leader Nadendla Manohar opined that Vishnu Raju’s knowledge will be useful for the party.   The members of the council, such as Ponnaraj and retired Professor Sudhakara Rao, who worked for 20 years with late President Abdul Kalam are not wishing to work or engage in politics, they are strictly here to provide their valuable advice and suggestions to the nation and state development. He also quashed the rumours about Mr Vishnu Raju,  contesting as MLA from Narasapur constituency calling it is false propaganda.