PM Modi on Saturday promised the people of Assam and the northeast that the citizenship bill will in no way harm their interests while addressing a public rally in the assembly constituency of Assam.

"It’s a national commitment to the people of the northeast that they will not be harmed in any way and citizenship will be only granted after due investigation and recommendation of the state governments," Modi said. 

He said that it must be understood that there is a difference between those who forcibly entered the country and those who were "forced to flee their homes to save their lives due to their faith, the two are not the same.

He added that his government has committed to provide shelter to the minorities in neighboring countries.

He further stated that BJP is committed to implementing the 36-year old Assam Accord and a committee set up on the implementation of its Clause 6 is a step in that direction.

He also added that the government was committed to making Assam the oil and gas hub of the country and in the last four years projects worth Rs 14,000 crore have been completed.