Samajwadi Party chief and former CM of UP, Akhilesh Yadav responded to PM Modi’s ‘mahamilavat’ (highly adulterated) jibe saying that BJP is attacking the alliance as it feels threatened by the opposition parties’ unity. He asked that those who were referring to their alliance as ‘mahamilavat’, what purity were they looking for? He added that India is a confluence of various cultures and communities and this alliance exemplifies this diversity. United, the people of India will sing praises for the nation. He further asked why the BJP is so afraid of this merger of different ideologies and communities.” Defending the coalition, Yadav said the alliance will gain strength from its diversity. He said that the 2019 election is a battle between BJP's insular, monochrome idea of India and their (opposition’s) future-oriented and multicultural vision. 


India's strength lies in its diversity. #2019election is a battle between BJP's insular, monochrome idea of India and our future-oriented and multicultural vision. The coalition will gain strength from its diversity and each voice will strengthen federalism in our country! Akhilesh Tweeted.

Taking a jab at the attempts to improvise a mahagathbandhan (grand alliance) against the BJP, Modi had asked people to guard against the 'mahamilavat' regime if his party wasn't voted back on Friday. In a statement, Modi said that the Congress had imposed Emergency but they say that Modi is destroying the institutions’. Congress insults the army, calls the army chief a 'goonda', but they still say, ‘Modi is destroying the institutions. He further accused the Congress of misusing Article 356 to dismiss state governments several times. He added that Indira Gandhi herself dismissed state governments 50 times.