Leading political analyst, economist, and environmentalist Pentapati Pullarao joined in  Janasena party in the presence of Pawan Kalyan in  Hyderabad party office.  Pullarao has done a great deal of effort in promoting tourism in the country and has fought for forest protection measures. He has incited a lot of emotions, ideas, and in his long career as a columnist and an activist. He joined the party on Wednesday and urged the youngsters to take part and come into politics. 


He spoke about the political system and the corrupt politics in the state and nation have to be changed by people. Janasena as a party will strive towards the transformation.  Their goal is to shape the influence of money in politics. We will introduce new politics to the Telugu people. Politics is not limited to only some people or a few families. The intellectuals wanted to engage and take part in politics.  He further confessed that Pawan's quest and ideology have impressed him a lot and further complemented Pawan Kalyan that most of the political parties and leaders in the country agree that Pawan is unique.  


Pullarao who studied abroad has done a great deal of effort in promoting tourism in the country. He is an economist, Columnist and an environmental activist who Successfully petitioned authorities in the context of many human rights violations and also fought for the expatriates and for the tribals. He also published over 1500 scholarly and op-ed pieces. 


Pawan Kalyan also appointed V. Ponraj, a senior technical advisor to former President APJ Abdul Kalam. He is given a key role in the Janasena Party and was appointed as one of the members of Jansana Advisory Council member. Ponraj originally is from Tamil Nadu and was also a defense scientist. He had twenty years of long association with Abdul Kalam.  


Speaking on this occasion, Pawan Kalyan expressed his happiness saying that he is elated to have V. Ponraj as one of the members of Jansana Advisory Council members. His experiences and suggestions are going to be very valuable for the party. Ponraj responded to the Pawan statements saying that said, "Pawan Kalyan is a Creative Leader and he has a vision for the development of the country.  


Janasena Party is a good mix of both young and experienced leaders. Within the party, women are also given key positions with crucial responsibilities entrusted upon them. It's interesting to take note that a nascent party like Janasena is forming its committees and the members are eminent and well-noted in their particular fields. The young but a determined political party has a quiet strength and simmering intensity in its approach and ways.