The Congress’ manifesto for the upcoming elections are that it will scrap the triple talaq law.
Addressing the Congress' Minority Department convention, spokesperson alleged that PM Modi had created an environment of Muslim women against Muslim men through the triple talaq law.

"A lot of people told us that women will be empowered if the triple talaq bill is passed. But we opposed that law because it is a weapon that Narendra Modi ji has prepared to put Muslim men in jail and make them stand in police stations," the All India Mahila Congress chief said.

She brought together Muslim women from across the nation for writing letters, carrying out signature campaigns and rebelling against" the law.

"The Congress party stood up and opposed it in Parliament. I promise you people that the Congress government will come in 2019 and we will scrap this law. But it is also certain that whatever law is brought for women's empowerment, by whichever government, the Congress will support it," a spokesperson said.

In December2018, a fresh bill to make the practice of triple talaq among Muslims a penal offence was introduced in Lok Sabha to replace an ordinance issued in September. 

Under the proposed law, giving instant triple talaq would be considered illegal and void and will lead to a jail term of three years for the husband.

The government had maintained that despite the Supreme Court striking down the practice of instant triple talaq as unconstitutional, men were divorcing their wives on flimsy grounds and even via WhatsApp.

The opposition has raised that divorce cannot be made a penal offence as the provisions of the bill are against basic principles of the Constitution.