Voting is a right and duty given to each and every citizen of India. Some practice this right religiously while some don't bother about it. Also, there are some who want to practice this right of theirs but are unable to do so because of not being present in their town during the elections.

Lok Sabha has passed a bill that will allow proxy voting for the NRIs but millions of domestic migrants are still restricted to vote during elections.

Times of India has come up with its Campaign, #LostVotes which aims to enable voting online so that the domestic migrants of the nation can easily practice their right.

Last week, a panel discussion was held in Delhi anchored by the journalist, Faye D'souza. The panelists included 

1) BJP MP, Narasimha Rao, 

2) Ex-Additional solicitor general C A Sundaram,

3)  Founder of NGO Political Shakti, Tara Krishnaswamy 

4) Former legal advisor- Mendiratta 

5) IIM-B professor- Trilochan Sastry.

The panelists expressed their views on the topic. Some were in favor of it while some strongly opposed it saying that there should be other solutions for the problem. Tara Krishnaswamy spoke about the inefficient system when once in Karnataka thousands of papers for registrations as voters were lost. C A Sundaram said that no doubt these issues existed, but one cannot expect everything to be made easy for them. Narasimha Rao opposed any sort of voting that was without paper. He called internet voting a big no-no.