After a clash between BJP and Trinamool Congress, BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra called West Bengal’s Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee “Talibani Didi” on Tuesday.

The feud started with after BJP President Amit Shah’s rally. TMC accused BJP workers of vandalizing a local party office while BJP complained of TMC workers attacking their buses parked that were at the venue.

The violence between the two parties has never been one-sided. Both accuse the other of capturing booths or initiating violence to create political intimidation (on the part of TMC) and to attempt to grow in West Bengal (BJP). BJP had claimed that 52 party workers were murdered in the run-up to the elections, while the TMC had claimed 14 of its workers had been killed.

With the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, it won’t be surprising to see the reports of clashes at campaign rallies and an on-going blame game continuing in future.