2019 General Elections are the most sought after event of the year. The campaigns are going on, people are still wondering who should they vote for? Should they give a second chance to their current Prime Minister or should they give Rahul Gandhi a chance?

Amongst this entire Congress vs BJP feud, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arwind Kejriwal spoke to Delhi.

He recently built a school in Delhi and told the students to go home and thank their parents for bringing AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) in power. He apparently even urged the people to choose between the Children’s Education and Modi.

He also added the statistics that since independence, only 1,100 schools and 24,000 classrooms were built. However, just in its tenure till now, AAP had managed to build 21,000 classrooms and 1000 schools.

He spoke about the importance of empowering the government schools and how many important political figures too have taken the step by removing their children from private schools and admitting them in government schools.

The voters of India are facing what America faced in 2016 and all we can hope is that India gets a good result.