With the elections over, several politicians are considering switching over to the TRS. As the period of defections has begun in the state, various opposition party individuals, from the Congress mainly, are looking to shift over.

The polls have clearly shown the decimation of Congress and all it’s leaders by the TRS, leaving the Congress in a bad place. It has already been reported that various individual candidates who have won the elections have approached the TRS in regards of forming alliances with the party. TRS’ total tally is at 90 now, among some of the recent winning individuals who have joined are Ramulu Naik.

Several Congress leaders are planning to leave their party and switch their loyalties over to the TRS. This is being done in the hope of improved politics for their wards. There have been unconfirmed reports stating that Jana Reddy or his son, Raghuveer Reddy might join the TRS. Could this finally be the response to KCR’s past invite? Reports also say that more leaders are planning on following in his footsteps.

This isn’t a first occurrence, Last time, the TRS had won 63 seats and acquired the support of MLAs from TDP and congress, increasing their tally to 90. This time, the party has already crossed 90 and is only planning on expanding more.